REPETITION / by Rachel Schultz

I had the opportunity to concept Idun's SS16 Lookbook Film, REPETITION, from start to finish, keeping Idun’s vision and creative expression on point.

The film started with a simple yet understated concept from the 19th century Danish philosopher, Søren Kierkegård, and his writings on repetition. Kierkegård describes repetition as the only path to complete happiness and nirvana, that is, being content in life's repetitious mundane acts, like dressing and undressing, washing our hands, eating meals.

To explain himself he uses the analogy of love in his writings, “Repetition’s love is in truth the only happy love. Like recollection's love, it does not have the restlessness of hope, the uneasy adventurousness of discovery, but neither does it have the sadness of recollection—it has the blissful security of the moment.”

To embrace and be present in each mundane moment is to find true contentment.

I hope you find inspiration through this film.

Model: Mattea Beeson
Director of Photography: Caylon Hackwith
Art Director: Rachel Schultz
Camera Operator: Tanner Hackwith
Sound: Calvin Brue